Our Most Delecatable Offerings

    Below our our three most popular packages when our clients are picking grazing options for their event!


    Tasty Facts About Us!

    Tania is the face behind Pan e Antipasti and is based in Sydney. With a passion for food and with her Italian heritage, Antipasti and condiments were just part of growing up. She has always had a niche with her creativity and styling when it comes to entertaining.

    Tania started catering for family and friends, and loved it so much, she wanted to expand and utilise her skills in not only creating Grazing boards but making Grazing tables come alive, each with its own unique style.

    Just like her colourful personality, you can see how it is expressed in whatever she does. Using the freshest local, seasonal & fresh artisan products, her aim is to create unique & memorable food experiences, with her personal touch.

    Tania has been creating amazing Grazing Tables for (5) five years now and is now teaching workshops, to show people how they can construct their own, and demonstrate how easy it is.

    Our Crowd Favourites

    Prices are listed per dozen units 

    Bolognese Arancini

    Italian favourite, with a tasty surprise in the centre

    Musroom Arancini

    A taste of Italy in one mouthful 

    Truffle Arancici

    Pleasure your palate with these tasty morsels 

    Chicken Skewers

    A crowd favourite that even the fussiest eater will enjoy


    Burger lover… well these are here to please

    Caramalised Onion Tart

    Caramalised onion tart with goat’s cheese, a match made in heaven

    Stuffed Zuchini Flowers

    A little bit fancy and full of flavour

    Duck Pancakes

    Bite-size hors d’oeuvres that your guests will rave about 

    Smoked Salmon Bilini

    Classy and classic crowd pleaser

    Mini Calzone

    A cultural pleasure for your guests

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